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Core & Unlimited CrossFit

Crossfit is both a fitness program and a sport using exercises aligned to functional movement by targeting 10 athletic domains - Speed, Strength, Power, Accuracy, Agility, Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility. Crossfit does not specialize in any one area, but rather, seeks to find your weaknesses and improve them thus producing a more fit individual overall.

Our group CrossFit classes focus on movements from weightlifting to cardio to gymnastics. All movements can be modified to fit your ability. We focus on quality of movement to help keep you injury free. All classes are coached by CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Trainers.

Each one-hour class includes:
•Warm Up
•WOD (Workout of the Day)

Core CrossFit provides you access to 3 classes per week, thus giving you the tools to improve your cardiovascular health and overall fitness levels. Three days a week is ideal for those new to fitness, or those who cannot find time to fit more classes into their schedule.

Unlimited CrossFit takes your fitness to the next level. Four or more classes per week will allow you to practice and learn functional movements more frequently, thus honing your technique and improving your fitness level quickly. You will also receive monthly body composition scans so you can track exactly how your workouts are affecting your body.


CrossFit Allure offers a full nutrition program to complement our group fitness programs. The heart of this program is our state-of-the-art metabolic testing and analysis. This process tests your physiology to help us understand your metabolic condition, and thus enable us to unlock your physical limiters which may be holding you back from your fat loss and other goals.

These clinical grade details allow us to provide you with the most accurate assessment you can get regarding your metabolism, heart health and fat burning efficiency. From there, we can prescribe your exact caloric needs, macronutrient breakdown, and provide meal plans tailored to your exact metabolic needs, food preferences, and fitness goals.

You get recurring body composition screens, regular nutrition coaching, and accountability to keep you on track. Our nutrition goal is for you to be 1% better today than you were yesterday. We'll focus on improving eating habits with incremental improvement, thus enabling healthy fat loss in a sustainable way. This is not a 30 day quick program. It's the opposite of a diet, and it works!

Imagine what you'll do with a commitment to proper nutrition and exercise!

Specialty Classes

We offer a variety of specialty courses to help you focus on specific strength and training goals. Our Barbell Conditioning class is THE class to take if you are looking to increase your knowledge of Olympic Lifts, Power Lifts, improve technique and overall gain strength. The class is one and half hours to help you develop efficiency and confidence in your lifts.

Pullup & Upper Body Program focuses on gaining strength in all upper body modalities, including your lats, biceps, deltoids, rhomboids, and core to help you improve your strength and coordination across many of gymnastics movements - including that elusive goal of getting your first pullup. This increase in upper body strength complements your CrossFit classes with increased strength when doing upper body movements such as pushups, presses and more.

Squat Program focuses on strength and coordination needed for front, back, overhead and other types of squats. You’ll learn proper set up, bracing and breathing and increase in your mobility and strength for each squat.

These specialty classes are included options with your CrossFit membership. Simply sign up for these just as you would any other group class.

Personal Training

Curious about CrossFit but not into community classes? Are you ready to boost your mental health, say ‘yes’ to new adventures, experience joy, gain confidence, inspire others, and see results? Need to focus on specific sport or athletic goals. Want to understand what physical limitations are holding your back from peak performance?

All these and more can be accomplished through Personal Training. With personal training will receive private coaching and custom programming for your goals. In addition, you'll have access to state-of-the-art metabolic testing to understand things like VO2 Max and what cardiovascular, respiratory, or metabolic limitations may be holding you back from achieving top performance.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or unlock top physical performance, or simply move better in your day-to-day activities, this is the program for you.

The Allure Personal Training Program includes:
•General Health History and Assessment
•Heart Rate Assessment
•Body Composition Assessment
•Posture and Movement Assessments
•Resting and Active Metabolic Tests
•Spirometry Testing (for lung health)
•All Test Results and Reports
•Exercise Programming specific to your goals and physiological limitations

CrossFit Kids

We’re excited about our newest program offering – CrossFit Kids! This class is a play-based curriculum where your child will learn functional movements via the 10 CrossFit Kids Foundational Movements. Each class we offer fun and engaging workouts created just for children to help them develop a lifelong love of fitness. To learn more EMAIL us today or download our Parent Letter.

Each class includes:
•Warm Up
•Strength & Skill with in-depth work on technique
•WOD (Workout of the Day)

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